Neo Nobility is a site that focuses upon the future era and royalty aspect of the manga Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. I hope to divulge greatly on a very open-ended and elegant era of a very celebrated storyline.

"We'll transcend time, to live again...perhaps this time, we'll find happiness."

The story and characters have become cultural icons and are recognized almost instantly when someone voices "Sailormoon." I grew up with this series and perhaps that's why my interests in mythology and our Solar system are so prevalent. Besides the aforementioned, my favorite part of Sailormoon has always been the less discussed arc of royalty and a glimpse of the future selves of our protagonists. This dedication is over a decade old and while I'm no longer an active fan of Sailormoon, I enjoy keeping this little place open as a reminder of an incredible series ♥

Update April 4, 2012 Manga downloads are down at the moment. I will have them back up in December sorry I don't have time right now to do all of that ^^ See you then!!