advisors to the crown

Originally, from the planet Mau, Luna and Artemis were advisors to Queen Serenity of the past Silver Millennium. During the attack of the Moon by the Dark Kingdom, the cats were saved by the queen to be reincarnated onto Earth for a new future along with Princess Serenity, Endymion, and the other senshi. Artemis awakens first and finds Venus. Artemis holds a special bond with Venus and is often a source of comfort, guidance, and strength for her. In Act 38, Diana remarks how Artemis' eyes look like those of a lover's when he looks at Minako. Artemis and Minako later journey to Japan after training as Sailor V to find Usagi the true Moon princess.

Even more than before, such strength. Artemis and I are linked together."
Minako, Act 39

To act as a decoy target, Sailor V pretends to be the Moon princess when she meets with the other senshi. However, when Usagi finally regains her memory, Venus finally reveals her true self as Sailorvenus, guardian to the Moon Princess. Luna finds Usagi/Sailormoon during the period when Sailor V has already become an iconic heroine. However, Luna is unaware that Usagi is actually the Moon Princess. It is not until Act 9, that Luna recalls her true mission and regrets causing Usagi so much grief.

If I had recovered my memories earlier and realized that Tuxedo Kamen was Endymion, Usagi would not have had to suffer..."
Luna, Act 9
In the Black Moon Arc, when the senshi are transported to the future known as Crystal Tokyo, it is revealed that Artemis and Luna have a daughter named Diana. Like her parents, Diana has the ability to talk and takes on the role of advisor and companion to the heir to the throne, Chibiusa. Diana has proven herself a most loyal and courageous character, despite her small stature. In Act 22, during the battle with the Black Moon Clan, she guard the Gate of Time allowing Sailorpluto to enter the fight.

Throughout the duration of the manga, all three cats transform into humans (and later back into cats) whenever there are significant burst of power from the surrounding area. This has only occurred a few times during the duration of the storyline.

  • Act 39: Minako unlocks her crystal transformation powers to save Artemis.
  • Act 42: Sailormoon unleashes the power of the Ginzuishou and turns into Neo Queen Serenity, all three cats transform.
  • Act 46: The last transformation occurs when all three cats are being attacked by Sailor Tin Nyanko and she forcefully transforms them.
  • Special side-story Princess Kaguya's Lover: Sailormoon uses her Holy Grail to turn Luna into a human for one night.
In Act 46, after being forcefully transformed into human form, all three cats are attacked by Tin Nyanko as they learn that their home planet Mau has been destroyed and taken over by Galaxia. Tin Nyanko's attacks damage all three of the cats' forehead crescents, which renders them unable to communicate. Act 47 is the last time the cats appear in the manga as Usagi hands them off to her mother Ikuko telling to take good care of them. It is unknown whether or not they survived into the newly created future at the end of the manga. However, it is stated when Sailormoon entered the Galaxy Cauldron that everyone was to be reborn. Perhaps this rebirth also included the guardian cats. We assume this theory is correct, which allows the cats to live happily in the future with the rest of the characters in the series.

Prototype analysis
Imagine Diana as a fairy instead of a little cute grey cat...I can't, I'm glad as a final decision Naoko decided to go with another cat. While it seems obvious to make a grey cat from black and white, a fairy just seems out of place in the story.

Human Luna is a really great cosplay idea; a friend of mine cosplay-ed as her back in the early 2000's and was a big hit at Anime Expo. The costume isn't ridiculously simple nor difficult, while retaining something whimsical about it. I especially like how the transparent black material is underneath the short gold dress.

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