The new century

Fast-fowarding to the 30th Century, Earth has a new capital city known as Crystal Tokyo. In the middle of Crystal Tokyo, is a palace known as the Crystal Palace, which is where Neo Queen Serenity resides. These two places are where much of the plot takes place during the Black Moon arc when Chibiusa is introduced.

The Crystal Palace resembles a multitude of crystals that are jutting out from the earth. Based on the artbooks, the palace is tinted a blue hue, while inside the palace everything is also very crystal-like, where doors and arches are all elaborately designed. During the battle between the Black Moon Clan and Earth, Neo Queen Serenity becomes encased in a crystal tomb that is located in the center of the palace, which protects her from harm as well as to heal her wounds. In the manga, an extensive library and Neo Queen Serenity's chamber are also shown. Chibiusa notes how she was never allowed inside her mother's chamber, which held the Ginzuishou. However, Chibiusa would always sneak inside and look around and one thing she does remember about her mother's room is a large tapestry that resembled the Holy Grail. When the senshi travel to the future, Sailorvenus notes how the extensive the library is as it stores all of its books using microchips, even the classic tales. King Endymion also reveals that only those of the Silver Millennium are able to actually enter the Crystal palace, making it rather powerful stronghold and sanctuary.

Map of Crystal Palace

Map courtesy of Miss Dream.