A curious case

This section was created for answering frequently asked questions in regard to the Royal Family as well as debunking some popular rumors and random comments around the web.

Are the Shitennou and first four senshi in relationships?

During the Silver Millennium, Prince Endymion had four close generals (or translated kings) to him: Kunzite, Zoicite, Nephrite, and Jaedite. Automatically, many fans assumed that these four generals had romantic relationships with Princess Serenity's guardians: Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter after Takeuchi created the below image in her Original Picture Collection Volume 1

"This is the title page for the conclusion of the first series of Sailor Moon. It had a great deal of impact on the first series, probably because the four couplings on the right side were unexpected. I was thinking of love stories of the previous lives of these couples. I'd like to be able to draw that someday..."
Takeuchi Naoko, Artbook I

Clearly, Takeuchi did not write down any hard evidence in the manga showing true romance between these eight, however she did think about it.

There are hints in Code Name Sailor V and Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon that indicate some sparks of interest between Sailorvenus and Kunzite. In Act 15 of Code Name Sailor V, during a discussion with Venus, Adonis comments how he saw Venus staring into Kunzite's eyes. In Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon when Venus and Kunzite meet for the first time in the past, she blushes when he talks to her.

"Inner" and "outer" senshi terms

Throughout the entire Sailormoon manga there is nowhere that Takeuchi separates the Solar System senshi into the exact terms "Inner" and "Outer." This is a fan based term. The Inner team features Venus, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. Outer team features Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn. The senshi were separated based on when they appeared in the series and their relationship/proximity to Sailormoon. Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter all are very close to Sailormoon, are of the same age, and go to the same school (except for Mars). The Outer senshi are all older (except for Saturn who fluctuates, closer to the mentality/age of Chibimoon) and are more mature and remote from Sailormoon.

Takeuchi does separate the two groups as one that defends Princess Serenity, while the other four are designated to defend the outer realm of the Solar system. Based on scientific terms as well, Jupiter in itself is considered an "outer" planet as it lies outside of the Asteroid Belt, thus debunking the term "outer" incorrect.

Is Sailorpluto in love with King Endymion?

Before Sailorpluto passes away (after using her taboo power "Time Stop") King Endymion kneels before her and she mentions how handsome he looks before the sunrise. Fans automatically assume that there is something of a romantic relationship between the two characters, or Sailorpluto is at least in love with the king. Other fans claim that this is her loyalty to the Royal Family.

"Your face is so close...don't look at me like that...your lavender cloak...the beautiful light purple of the morning sunrise..."

In my opinion the love is a little of both. The only male that Sailorpluto comes in close proximity with throughout the manga is King Endymion. She is also especially loyal to the Solar System's standard as a guardian, thus is in "love" with them.

Selenity or Serenity?

Japanese translation to English and vice versa can be a difficult task Japanese and English words have different tones or might not exist. While the English language have different pronunciations of the letter R and L, for the Japanese these letters sound the same. For example, ryuu (dragon) in Japanese is pronounced as lyuu. This parallels our current question of Selenity or Serenity.

According to the manga, on the moon there is a location called Mare Serenitatis, which is directly translated as Sea of Serenity. It is at Mare Serenitatis where the old Moon Kingdom could be found. Mare Serenitatis is Latin and when translated into English does mean Sea of Serenity. This is the official name given by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Serenity is favored in this case as Takeuchi is known for using astrology heavily in the series.

Yet, based on Greek Mythology the goddess of the moon is named Selene, and her lover is Endymion. The name Selenity is also favored in terms of Takeuchi's continual references to Greek mythology throughout the series.

In recent years, Serenity has been much more favored as based on the English dubs and subs that have renamed Usagi as "Serena" and also retain name "Princess/Queen Serenity."