A new generation

A surprising twist of fate to find that the Amazon Quartet, first antagonists of the series are actually the next generation of senshi known as the Sailor Quartet.

"We are sailor senshi...under the protection of the four solar asteroids."
Sailor Quartet, Act 42
The Sailor Quartet consists of four girls: Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas. They are sworn to protect the future Princess Serenity. According to Sailorceres, the quartet would awaken when Small Lady would become a real soldier and need her own team of senshi guardians. The Quartet were under a deep sleep in the Amazon Forest to wait until the day when they would become senshi, however were woken up by Queen Nehellenia, an evil queen, who enslaved them.

The Quartet then came be known as the Amazon Quartet, dropping their "sailor" titles. They were now known as Ceres Ceres, Jun Jun, Ves Ves, and Pallas Pallas. They drew their powers from Amazon stones and served under Queen Nehellenia's "ringmaster" Zirconia who ran the Dead Moon Circus. The Quartet acted as circus performers as well as henchmen. During this time, they proved to be fierce warriors who battled with the Solar system senshi various times.

During the last battle between Queen Nehellenia and Sailormoon, Zirconia traps the Quartet into their Amazon stones. After the battle, Sailorsaturn asked Neo Queen Serenity to free them. Neo Queen Serenity then puts them back into slumber until the time is right for the Quartet to re-awaken.

"Sailorchibimoon...we will be waiting for the day you will stand alone as a proud senshi."
Sailor Ceres, Act 42

The Quartet re-appear in the manga one last time when Sailormoon and Princess Kakyuu become trapped by Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion on their quest to reach Sailorgalaxia. Eternal Sailorchibimoon comes from the future along with her team known as the Sailor Quartet and they defeat Heavy Metal Papillion with "Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss!" and "Amazoness Jungle Arrow!"

The Quartet continues to aid Sailormoon during the battle to find Galaxia, however they are knocked unconcious by dark Sailormercury and dark Sailormars (turned evil by Galaxia). When the Quartet regains consciousness, the last thing they see is Sailormoon disappearing into a glittery cloud of feathers. The Quartet believes they have failed to save Sailormoon until Sailorcosmos appears and hints to them she is the ultimate form of Sailormoon, she then sends the Quartet back to the future to protect Crystal Tokyo where they belong.