Transcending royalty

A duty to their friends, planets, and the universe, the royal family has transcending time itself.

King Endymion

Handsome and proud, Mamori has turned into a majestic king. As with Usagi, he has also grown in maturity. In the past, Endymion used to question his lack of power to protect Serenity. His generals told him that he must be strong and irreplaceable to the neo queen and he has worked hard to fulfill his right as king. As the born prince of Earth, Endymion's only known powers lie close to the source. When he touches the earth he is able to locate or find anyone or in his present day form he is able to some magical attacks. He also holds close ties to Chibiusa and Usagi, by lending his inner power to them when in a crisis.

When he first meets the senshi from the present, he admonishes Small Lady to give her formal introductions as a princess of the future. Yet, behind the facade of medals and awards that adorn him, he is still the sweet and faithful prince from the past. As king, Endymion feels as though he has failed Serenity again when she becomes encased in crystal during the Black Moon Clan arc. However, he hides his feelings and helps the present day senshi defeat the Black Moon. He holds the Golden Crystal that is a companion to Neo Queen Serenity's Ginzuishou.

"When you're uncertain or worried, I'll be there for you. I may have no power, but you called me here to you. If you need me...I'll give you all the strength of my soul. I live to be there for you. So you must fight with confidence."
King Endymion

Name origin From Greek mythology, Endymion was a handsome shepherd whom Selene, the Titan goddess of the moon, fell in love with. Selene asked Zeus to grant Endymion eternal youth so that he would never leave her. She loved Endymion's sleeping form so much, she asked Zeus to leave Endymion in eternal sleep.

Prototype analysis
King Endymion's outfit is quite similar to his Tuxedo Kamen tuxedo, mask, and cape. The largest difference in his attire is the purple color of his tuxedo, the many medals and awards on his lapel, as well as his staff that holds the Golden crystal.

I have to confess Mamori/Tuxedo Kamen/Endymion has never really been a favorite. While is he drawn beautifully by Naoko (she indicates she prefers more slim body styled men) I found Mamori to be a rather weak character; he is always getting himself brainwashed, kidnapped, and seduced by all the evil females ~ I'm not complaining about eye candy though...

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Neo Queen Serenity

We remember her best as the crime-fighting girl in a fuku. It seems as though Usagi has shed her title to become a kind, compassionate, and just ruler in the future. After battles are fought and won she is still the supreme queen.

In the manga, one of the more memorial stories of Neo Queen Serenity is when the Ginzuishou is stolen by the Black Moon Clan's Prince Demando. The prince is also seemingly infatuated with the Neo Queen, by kidnapping the present day Usagi and forcing a kiss.

Neo Queen Serenity's quiet, dignified personality seems to detour from the present day Usagi/Sailormoon. When Usagi/Sailormoon visits Crystal Tokyo she voices out that she wanted to meet her future self, yet was not possible since the Neo Queen was asleep in crystal. Neo Queen Serenity was encased in this protective crystal when the Black Moon Clan laid siege on Crystal Tokyo. This crystal was automatically formed around Neo Queen Serenity when she was unable to defend herself against the attack. When queen and senshi finally meet, Neo Queen Serenity admits to wanting to meet her past self as well. This concludes that they are not as different as they seem, rather Usagi has grown into her role as a queen in the future.

King Endymion notes how after taking the title of Neo Queen Serenity the queen can no longer transform into a senshi because of the altered power of the Ginzuishou. This statement somewhat collides with Sailormoon's ultimate form of Sailorcosmos. However, with the powers from the Ginzuishou, Neo Queen Serenity is able to give Sailormoon, Sailormercury, Sailormars, Sailorjupiter, and Sailorvenus new powers. The Neo Queen is also able to awaken Small Lady's senshi form (Chibimoon) as well as rebirth senshi such as Sailorpluto.

"I can't get depressed. It'll come soon...The future. And I have a lot of things to do before then."
Tsukino Usagi

Name origin Neo Queen Serenity's name is most likely derived from Mare Serenitatis ("Sea of Serenity"), which is one of the lunar mare (large meteoroid impacts have been made) locations on Earth's Moon as well as the location Takeuchi Naoko places the past Moon Kingdom. Serenity also personifies the adjective Serene: shining bright and steady or clear, free of unpleasantness, utter calmness. Queen is Serenity's status. Neo (Greek for "new") indicates that she is the new queen of the universe to differentiate from her mother who was known as Queen Serenity.

Prototype analysis
While the Material Collection does not provide a sketch of Neo Queen Serenity the similarities between the princess and queen dresses are noticeable including the same jewelry and bodice. A few the distinct differences include more white transparent material gathered in the back to resemble wings, Neo Queen Serenity's crown, and evolving staff. Neo Queen Serenity's staff seems to change whenever the present day Sailormoon's staff changes.

One of my favorite dresses is Princess Serenity's with the transparent flowing material along with the matching accessories ^^

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Small Lady

Neo Princess Serenity, better known as Small Lady, is the daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Small Lady's nickname was given to her by Sailorpluto, whom Small Lady in turn calls Puu. Her name Chibiusa is derived from her mother's name Usagi, the Chibi is added to emphasize her size (chibi = small) and the name Usagi is cut down to Usa. The princess is a pink replica of the past day Usagi.

When we first meet her, Small Lady is already over 900 years old. She still looks like a child because her mind has yet not matured. King Endymion also notes how one day she stopped growing and because she is a child of the moon born on earth it is difficult to figure out how Small Lady will grow up having a mother from the Moon and a father from Earth. Courageous, heed-less, and most willing to save Crystal Tokyo from the Black Moon Clan, Small Lady steals one of Pluto's time keys to travel to the past. After the defeat of the Black Moon Clan, Neo Queen Serenity gives Small Lady permission to return to the present to train as a senshi. In the future as an eternal sailor senshi, Small Lady heads her own team known as the Sailor Quartet.

"I am Small Lady, Serenity,...the daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion, the Crown Princess of the Silver Millennium."
Small Lady

Name origin Please see Neo Queen Serenity's name section regarding Serenity. Small (adjective) little in size, or perhaps has a double meaning of Chibiusa's dormant powers to be lacking in strength and Lady (noun) a woman of high status or superiority.

Prototype analysis
Small Lady's hair accessories resemble those of a Moon Princess, but her gown is original to her. A frilly pink concoction that matches her pink hair ~

Despite being the crown princess of the Moon, when we first meet Chibiusa she does not wear a traditional gown, but an outfit that resembles kid's play clothes. It is not until she returns to the 30th Century after becoming a senshi is she later seen in her princess gown. Perhaps this is to signify her coming-of-age, although the theory doesn't entirely hold as the previous Princess Serenity wasn't seen in any outfit besides her gown even though she was not a senshi.

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