You Know You Read Too Much Sailor Moon When... or simply known more by its acronym as YKYRTMSMW was a very popular section to have on many Sailormoon shrines in the late 1990's and early 2000's. The original statement was known as You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When...but as Neo Nobility is concentrated on the manga the Watch was changed to Read. After restating the phrase, you would put whatever funny message afterwards to complete the sentence.


You Know You Read Too Much Sailor Moon When...
  • You adopt a black cat, shave a bald spot that looks like a moon on its forehead, and call it Luna.
  • You start to wear a sailor suit to school and recruit your friends.
  • Bullies surround you...you call "Moon Prism Power!"
  • You see an old lady in trouble so you run over and do a "Sailor V Kick!"
  • You dye your hair blond and put them up in odangos and let them grow LONG
  • On Valentine's Day you gave everyone roses....with a twist (after throwing razor sharp roses at them you say a dorky message)
  • You write about Sailormoon when your teacher said to write about one of your heroes.
  • You dress your boyfriend in a tuxedo and you *glomp* him constantly.
  • Your mom just bought a nifty diamond....you take it and wave it around proclaiming you found Neo Queen Serenity's Ginzuishou.
  • You recruit yourself and dominate an unknown planet as yours.
  • Your black cat just had kittens...the father was white...you wonder why none of the kittens are grey.
  • When there is only one minute left on the clock for the SATS you yell "Time Stop!"
  • When it's JUST not just labeled the Moon anymore...rather an ancient civilization long lost.
  • You dream of going on the Moon to try and find those lost ruins of the Silver Millennium.
  • You start to call your daughter Small Lady.
  • You declare the year 2000 as Neo Queen Serenity's reign.


Since 2001 Neo Nobility has been accepting your YKYRTMSMW. Anton-P has also compiled a 6000+ list of YKYRWTMSM (last updated in 2007) and NN's entries are included around the 5000 area =O For more information on how to submit your YKYRTMSMW see below.

  • arisusa ashiei bitousu You start throwing Frisbees while saying, "Moon Tiara Action!"
  • britt You find a black cat on the street, pick it up, and ask it for your henshin brooch...all the while wondering where she's been all this time and why she's not talking to you!
  • bunie You FORCE your friends to call you by one of the senshi's real names, and won't answer to anything but that.
  • bunny You notice your friend's glasses don't have swirls on them, so you draw them on with a 'sharpie' marker.
  • caterfree You try to figure out how to play EVERY melody you hear on BSSM on your favorite instrument.
  • chibi-usa Whenever you see a black cat you double check to see if anyone's beating it up, or if there are bandages on its head!
  • chibi-usa2 when your boyfriend proposes to you, you reject the ring because obviously he didn't know you well enough because he didn't propose to you in a airport and he didn't give you a heart shaped ring
  • chibikaoru16 You usually think your in the 30th century than in the 20th! Then you wonder when will your mother bring you to the past...
  • denisa When you turn 14 you start chasing after all the black cats in your city hoping that Luna will see you and realize that you are the real moon princess and Usagi is just your protector.
  • enjeru-chan When you actually think you're Sailormoon herself and think you can henshin. When you start calling your best friends by the names of the other senshi...
  • eternalsailorsun When you make up your own Sailor Senshi and call it your own, by giving her a background story, powers and how she introduces herself to the other Senshi.
  • galaxia You think it is your destiny to capture all the butterflies and put them to rest in a graveyard like Heavy Metal Papillion. You tell your friend's little sister not to go in her sandbox because the sand might turn into water and she will forget who she is.
  • goddess cosmos You buy the plastic Sailormoon cutie rod wand, and you yell "Moon Healing Escalation!" hoping that your older sister will start being nice to you.
  • golden moon Gazing up at the moon constantly, when ever you get the chance and go into a trance (daydreaming)
  • haruka minamino You try looking in every cranny of your house, hoping an ornate white door/gate (The Time Gate) will pop up. You corner your best, most feminine gal pal on a wall and get caught looking like you're trying to kiss her Haruka-style. You get into motor sports and try to race like the wind. You wonder when your hair will ever grow as long as Mistress 9's. You try to cook up potions and build a secret lab.
  • hotaru You carve the Saturn symbol on your forehead.
  • joyananda you're out getting asian food, and see an ex-boyfriend and you angrily throw coconut shrimp at him, Umino Tuxedo Kamen-style.
  • kakyaa You run around with a plastic star yell yelling "Star Serious Laser!"
  • lil dreamer You wonder why an over protective Father would name his daughter Bunny.
  • mayuka You see two crows and start calling them Phoebos and Deimos.
  • miyuuhi You dye your hair purple and swing your glaive at your evil teachers yelling "Silence Glaive Surprise!"
  • neko hibiki You pray to all the gods and goddesses to let you be Sailormoon, and then you find a brooch, and you yell "Moon Prism Power... Make Up!"... and you actually transform.
  • neo queen serenity When you get in trouble at school the next day you come dressed in a Sailormoon fuku with any of her rods and yell, "In the name of the Moon I will get rid of the idiots in this school and that means you."
  • neoqueenmoonserenity When you're trying to make coconut water, instead of taking a coconut and carving it, you yell Jupiter Planet Power makeup! Then you actually transform and yell Jupiter Coconut Cyclone!
  • nikayla you walk into a Jewelry store hoping to see Naru-chan(Molly) getting attacked by a youma(Monster)
  • novascorpion When you constantly look at the moon and you actually see a palace up there!
  • nyokoino sachi You pray to fires, hoping you'll see the future. You then light your fingers on fire and yell "Mars Fire Ignite!!"
  • jupiter You go out into the middle of a thunderstorm yelling "Supreme Thunder Crash!" and jump up and down and let your arms fly out and wonder why lightning bolts aren't hitting the trees around you.
  • sailor amber You have seen every Sailormoon site in the universe and when a new one opens up, first you faint...then later, when you wake up, you check it out.
  • sailor aurian You see a lady on a street with red hair and a sheer purple dress and attack her. (Queen Beryl)
  • sailor beryl You get kicked out of car dealerships for standing on all the red Ferraris and shouting, "You're goin' down, Nephryte!"
  • sailor earth You always fail tests (SAT and Standard grades).
  • sailor rainbow You pray to the moon to make you a sailor senshi.
  • sailor selene You start to think of Michiru and Haruka as your Mama and Papa.
  • sailor sun You buy a sailor scout outfit with boots and a mini computer (hint Ami) and start saying, "In the name of Mercury, I will defeat you."
  • sailor vesta Before you take a test you say "IN THE NAME OF THE MOON I WILL NOT PASS THIS TEST!"
  • tuxedomask You get 99 on a test and your parents are disappointed (hmmm... I wonder who that could be...) hint: Melvin. You run around yelling "Moon Prism Power, make up!"...you actually transform
  • venus When you start hanging around Shinto temples too much and annoy the priestess.

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