While Neo Nobility focuses on the original manga, the anime version of the series is just as popular and is able to portray pivotal scenes with animation and music. Many of these clips were found around the internet in the late 1990's.

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The first awakening of Princess Serenity, one of my absolute favorite English version scenes because of the music and surprise unveiling of the princess.

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The last dance between Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion before Queen Beryl attacks the old Moon Kingdom. Endymion is disquised as Tuxedo Kamen to warn Princess Serenity of the attack while they dance.

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Neo Queen Serenity's and Chibiusa's battle with Wiseman. Chibiusa also makes an appearance in her own princess gown, which is identical to anime Princess Serenity's.

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The end of season one of Sailormoon showing the last battle between Princess Serenity and Beryl. I love the English song that accompanies the battle. Personally the anime could have ended here and I would have been satisfied ♥

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Princess Serenity continually calls and chases after a delusional Prince Endymion who is running into an ever increasing fire.

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While walking with Usagi and Mamoru, Chibiusa reminisces about her walks with her own parents (Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion) strangely familiar this feels...

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King Endymion reveals that Chibiusa is Sailormoon's and Tuxedo Kamen's future daughter. Throw in the reactions of Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen for some fun.


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