Past layouts

An archive of our previous layouts.

Current layout XXXXI

This will probably be one of the very last layouts for Neo Nobility. The purpose of this layout was to find a simple yet clean cut example of what Neo Nobility was all about. For some strange reason I've always though of the tower in the background of the original image as a part of Crystal Palace itself (except the whole image is really just a cityscape/office building?) So very faintly in the background the Crystal Palace was added for my vision. The lyrics in the background are from Anberlin's Audrey, Start the Revolution as a bit of an anthem for revolution and youth.


The comments listed next to each layout were written either during or after the layout was currently up. You can really tell based on the diction used haha. The comments listed under the "Collection" were written for the 2010 revamp.

collection I

The first year of Neo Nobility was really an experimental phase. The site really did not have a focus except to try and be a mega site.

I. Revolution Begun First layout for Neo Nobility; wasn't really the greatest layout in the world, used a simple menu and a main frame. Layout was made using Paint and featured actually one of my all time favorite images of all the senshi together. Perhaps one of these days I'll make a nicer layout with the same image.
no image II. Eternal Moon A musty green, featuring eternal senshi Sailormoon, nice with feather background and 3 frames. Not much deviation from the first layout.
III. Sketch Serenity Really nice lilac layout with an altered image of a sketch of Princess Serenity (the same one as layout), went well with the title of NN. It didn't really look like the above, above is what it looked like when it was deleted off of Geocities.
IV. Rhapsody in Blue One of my favorite layouts, features Sailormercury with wings in a pop-up, nice and blue, and seemed to be a visitor's favorite as well. However someone decided to copy it thus I took it down. The layout title comes from one of my favorite scores Rhapsody in Blue - Gershwin.
V. For the Girl Who Has Everything Features a really nice image of Pegasus and Sailor Chibimoon. Another one of my favorites since I was able to use a rather rare image and cut it up to make an entire screen layout. We have no ads because we are now being hosted by Mika. (splash)
VI. Where Dreams Inspire Used a pre-made layout of Nuriko (with permission) I was able to create this layout featuring Usagi, Chibiusa, and Mamoru in bed together. This was created to celebrate one year on the web for NN. Many people enjoyed the layout, but the navigation was slow for the use of pop-ups was needed on such a large site. (splash)
VII. Beauty Isn't Just Skin Deep Very pretty sea green layout featuring Kaiou Michiru. I have to say one of my favorite; except that I never liked that it was off to the side. Most people couldn't figure out the navigation, too. I found a wonderful score that featured "Michiru" playing...sounded so lovely. (splash)

After this layout there was an indecisive hiatus and then the re-opening.

collection II: princess remix

Very few people had been introduced to the Materials Collection, so the popularity for these princess sketches was really a big hit and I suppose what was the turning point in what our focus was going to be on. I still have no idea how I ended up coding/designing a layout for each month of the year...too much time on my hands?

VIII. Ice This started the entirely new remixed NN after I decided to reopen. A favorite of mine, features Princess Mercury starts out the new remix of NN after the hiatus. It is the only layout of Neo Nobility that ever uses chromeless frames...that style went out fast. It's jolly to know that NN was one of the first sites to introduce these sketches. (splash)
IX. Fire Solid DIV layout featuring Princess Mars. Really difficult to figure out a layout for her after Princess Mercury. I scraped about three versions of layouts using this image before I choose this one. I believe this is the first layout of NN that uses DIV layers at all...and one of the few layouts that did not use iframes (splash)
X. Wood Not bad. The real forest image was a great addition to the layout. Lots of fans enjoyed this one and so did I. Uses DIV and iframes, lots of green going on. This layout actually inspired a few sites to create similar layouts. Happy to provide some inspiration =)
XI. Divine Goddesses To celebrate year two on the web took a break from the sketches for only a month to bring you Usagi and Chibiusa in grapes. They reminded me of the wine god, Dionysus. Much love to this layout for all the deep purples. (splash)
XII. Love Lots of grammar errors etc. really messed up this lovely layout featuring Venus debuting in her princess dress. It used DIVs, nothing special or new...not a favorite of mine; too yellow in my taste. Why can't I make any good yellow layouts? (splash)
XIII. Air I rather like this layout after fixing all the grammar mistakes and making a whole new look. It holds a contemporary look with the generic circles. Obviously I couldn't find a stock image that featured air in it (or wind), so I had to think of something to fill up the extra space.
XIV. Ocean This was an interesting abstract layout of Neptune, I didn't like it much. I was trying to make something different such as angling Neptune, but in the end the result wasn't too great. Perhaps, one of these days when I've practiced enough we'll use these sketches again. (splash)
XV. Time Pluto's layout turned out rather lovely with the new technique of squares...looked very techno-ish. You can't really tell in the screencap but this layout was also very gothic with the gothic like font and the overall black scheme. (splash)
XVI. Death I also decided to angle this image of Saturn as I did for Neptune. In the case of Saturn I think I did a better job of it. I went for a crazy abstract look using random filters from Photoshop as well as mixing fonts. As the last edition to the Princess Remix layouts I have to say I quite enjoyed this whole remix layout experience. (splash)

collection III: carry on

What I consider the turning point on my coding and design skills. While still very raw and amateur-ish, I was attempting to blend in images into the actual layout and experiment with coding.

XVII. Year Three With the start of a new year at NN I decided to focus on the many lovely artbook images of Usagi/Sailormoon. This was a really interesting layout since I did rollovers of each senshi and each section showed a different senshi. (splash)
XVIII. Give Me the Strength to Carry On Very blue, I think this is one of the few layouts that uses columns and no iframes. This collection will feature only Usagi/Sailormoon since she was neglected in the princess collection. One of my favorite images of Super Sailormoon, very beautiful with the blue/pink contrast. All of the following layouts in this collection use the Sailormoon song "Carry On" as it's theme. (splash)
XIX. Alone Against My Darkest Fears I used an image that most don't usually use or see since it's only in Artbook 5. I really have a fetish for green layouts because they make such a serene and calm feeling. Layout turned out quite nice with the unique way of where I put the iframe. (splash)
XX. Evil Queen We Will Defeat This is the first image for a layout that doesn't come from an artbook. I altered a b&w image of Neo Queen Serenity. It was a pretty nice layout, I enjoyed the fresh change with my own self made background and contemporary look. (splash)
XXI. With All Our Strength the Battle's Won Another favorite image of Eternal Sailormoon falling from the sky. Everything should work in Firefox now =D Really enjoyed this layout, manipulating the image and the random lyric text, simple and elegant.

collection IV: call my name (I'll be there)

A strong year of experimenting with design. I will admit I do love the artbook images, they're probably one of my favorite things about Sailormoon and trying to find images that are not ordinarily used or overused was one of the key aspects for this collection.

XXII. I'll Be There Finally a layout featuring all the planetary senshi. I realized I never made layouts featuring all our lovely senshi. Theme is another Sailormoon song "Call My Name - I'll Be There" because it's a year featuring all the senshi. This was actually a very lovely layout, however Mika's domain went down and I believe I lost most of my regular visitors =( So many never saw this layout.
XXIII. I'll Answer Every Time and Anywhere Simply beautiful. One of the best layouts design and coding wise. A favorite of many as well, for it's simplicity. You'd be surprised how much editing I had to do for it to work out. Thoroughly enjoyed the soft blues, a well deserved retirement. We stopped using splash pages.
XXIV. There's Nothing Like the Laughter that We Share This layout just speaks summer to me. I've always loved this particular image because of all the warm tones that remind of a sun setting. I really enjoyed this layout with the mix of colors and patterns. Another heavily edited image = another favorite.
XXV. Together We'll Be Making Memories Another pink toned layout...I was ready the scrap it, but I didn't have time to think up another layout before college started again, so this one went up. I do have to say the flower motif was a very good idea. This ultimately became the last layout hosted on vanilla-dreams before Mika closed and of course that means dedicated to Mika-sama.
XXVI. We Hang On to What We've Found I was trying to find an image that other sites rarely used for did I do? (I have a fetish for sniffing out rarely used images) I thought they all looked very snazzy for the holidays. I added a star-like background to the dark color scheme.

collection V: goddesses

It was an attempt at recreating the success we had with the princess sketches, but really I think I was trying too hard haha. This image itself is difficult to work with and while it's still one of my favorite images, I don't think it was a great idea to try and make full layouts with them. Some turned out well others were a bit of fail.

XXVII. Moon Year Five has begun! I had to think up something snazzy for you all. Introducing another "Collection" featuring my favorite image of the Planetary Princesses in their princess form. I rather enjoy the new idea of filling the entire screen up instead of just an iframe.
XXVIII. Mercury I really liked Mercury's color scheme...but then again who doesn't like cool blues. I love the way Naoko posed Mercury in this image. This was my 2nd favorite out of this collection.
XXIX. Mars What I love about Mars' layout is the flame effect I was able to achieve on that top swirly thing.
XXX. Jupiter A nice calm green layout for Jupiter. Although I think I could have picked a better green to work with.
XXXI. Venus I seem to have a hard time working with Venus and her color scheme. Why can't I work with yellow?!
XXXII. Chibimoon If I wasn't so set on making this a complete layout collection I don't think I even would have included Chibimoon in here. The layout is way too pink for me.
XXXIII. Pluto Yes this is my definite favorite out of this collection. I adore Pluto's color scheme of the simple dark green, grey, and black. Cheers to Pluto-sama...a pity they demoted her to be a dwarf planet.
XXXIV. Uranus Another blue layout, again I like the blue flame effect I was able to make for the swirly thing...hey I can't think of another term for it.
XXXV. Neptune I really wish Takeuchi Naoko drew Neptune better in this image. I don't know how to describe it, but she doesn't look as good as the rest of the senshi do, and the color scheme is way off from her normal colors.
XXXVI. Saturn A rather enticing layout featuring Saturn, perhaps I should have went for darker purples. But anyways that concludes our "Goddess" collection as I entitled it as well as year Five.

collection VI

This collection doesn't really have a name, as it's the start of when my attention and fandom for Sailormoon had faded. I'm thankful to what this project as brought me this far from way back in 2001 to the PHP, CSS, HTML skills I've learned today and what you see up. These last few layouts are a continuation =)
XXVIII. Happy Holidays This was more of a transition layout that featured the very cute Chibichibi. I've always wanted to make a Chibichibi layout and the simple Christmas layout was perfect.
XXIX. Dreamers of the Next Milennia I scrapped about 10 layouts before considering this design. I really like the top image I was able to make using the spread image of Small Lady and the pillar image of that had Black Lady. However, for me, the content section was extremely plain.
XXIX. Shining Star I spent a lot of time coding wise on this layout. It's the first NN layout uses XHTML. However, the layout didn't work in IE, which really was a bummer. I have to say it's one of the more innovative layouts that had CSS switching involved. Versions: purple, red
XXXX. We Reign On The signature image of Neo Queen Serenity we see so often. This layout, I believe, stayed up for over two years after giving it a well deserved revamp. Definitely one of my favorites (I think I would have liked to call this one the last layout of NN, but the coding was getting outdated for me ^^)